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Cornerstone Fellowship

“See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in Him will never be put to shame.” 1 Peter 2:6

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Local Outreach



This organization consists primarily of Interfaith communities assisting in the 

non-medical care of HIV+/AIDS patients and/or family members. Cornerstone 

Fellowship provides monthly financial support and additional support  through

attendance at fundraisers and other special events throughout the year. Cornerstone 

is one of three faith communities that sponsor's TIHAN's cafe each December.



Each year in December, SAAF and TIHAN collaborate to sponsor "Family Day." 

Festivities are designed for families (children 17 and under) living with AIDS. On this

special day, family members are able to "shop" for one another for gifts that have

been donated. For the last several years, Cornerstone Fellowship has made a 

monetary donation specifically for the purchase of childrens gifts for "Family Day." In 

addition, members of the Cornerstone family have volunteered on the day of the event.



When you think of domestic violence, you think first of husbands harming their wives. 

Domestic violence is unfortunately alive and active in the gay, lesbian, bisexual 

and transgendered community as well. Cornerstone Fellowship has and is presently 

supporting the work of this project

GOOD SAMARITAN FUND / Tucson, Arizona 

This fund has been around almost as long as Cornerstone Fellowship. Good Sam 

provides financial assistance to those in need, both from our congregation and the 

rest of our community and has been used to help hundreds of people over the years.

AD'ULLAM  CHURCH/ Tucson, Arizona

Ad’Ullam Church is an independent Christian church dedicated to 

ministering to those who are disenfranchised by society and the church; 

those who are troubled and living marginally; and those who are disenchanted, 

discontented or disowned.  Our inspiration is found in the experiences of David and his

small band of outcasts as recounted in First Samuel chapter 22, verses 1 and 2; and

in First Samuel chapter 30, verses 16 through 19.


It is our purpose to be the best heart, hands and feet of our Lord Jesus we possibly

can be in bringing hope to those for whom there seems to be no hope; and to bring 

God’s grace and power to those who live in darkness.  We want to be a 21st century 

church who retains the first century vision.

Questions or prayer requests can be directed to Erin Russ, our 

Pastor, via email